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Alcohol Passport

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What is Trainify.fi?

Trainify.fi service is a training site that allows users to prepare for passport tests required in work. The purpose of the service is to offer an easy, fun and teaching option for training for the ones preparing for a test. Hundreds of different questions can be answered by categories or by doing the whole test. After answering the user gets a reason for the answer. The training can be done anywhere at any time. The service is provided by Osaamistehdas Oy.

Alcohol passport

Alcohol passport is a certificate of one’s proficiency of the regulations of Alcohol Act. Alcohol passport is needed when working as responsible manager at a restaurant or bar. Alcohol passport is useful for anyone working with beverages and alcohol issues, though.

The responsible manager and his/her substitutes are, besides the licence holder, responsible for overseeing that the licensed premises observe the provisions of the Alcohol Act. The responsible manager and his/her substitutes must have adequate professional qualifications acquired either through education or experience. In case adequate professional skills are acquired through education, at least one year full-time education in the restaurant and catering industry is presupposed, provided that the curriculum includes teaching and practical training in serving of alcoholic beverages. One-year education is considered to mean studies of one school year, in other words, studies of nine months. Practical training included in the curriculum means a minimum of one-month on-the-job training in serving of alcoholic beverages. If adequate professional skills are acquired through experience, it is presupposed that the person has been engaged on a full-time basis in serving alcoholic beverages for at least two years and has got a certificate issued by an educational institution for the restaurant and catering industry that he/she masters the provisions concerning the serving of alcoholic beverages. On licensed premises where only alcoholic beverages containing a maximum of 4.7 percentage by volume ethyl alcohol that have been prepared through fermentation are served, the adequate professional skills of the responsible manager and his/her substitutes can be established through a Serving Licence Certificate (the so called “Alcohol Passport”).

Alcohol passport system is regulated by National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health, Valvira. There is no record of completed alcohol passports.

Alcohol passport test

Alcohol proficiency tests are arranged by schools of catering business. Alcohol proficiency test arrangements depend on the educational institution. This is why contents, like question types, number of questions and needed score to pass, can change. The test consists of true/false statements or other assignment types and is the same for those who operate according to A, B and C licences. Those who successfully pass the test are given a certificate of mastering the provisions of serving (alcohol passport). Anyone participating in a alcohol proficiency test must prove their identity.

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