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Trainify.fi provides an opportunity to prepare for a hygiene passport testan alcohol profiency testwork safety training and security officer training. The service operates in Finnish and in English. Trainify.fi offers good resources to pass the tests and for the preparation for trainings. If a topic is totally new for you, we recommend studying book material in addition to the training at Trainify.fi. The Trainify.fi service includes right/wrong claims. After each answer, the service tells you the correct answer with reasonings, which supports your learning. In Trainify.fi you can practise different areas of the work life cards or by doing the whole test where the service mixes different claims for the test from various areas.
To purchase Trainify.fi training time, firstly create a username for Trainify.fi. As a new user, you get one free training attempt where you are able to try out the service before a purchase. Choose 3, 7 or 14 days for the training time and pay for the training time with an online payment. You have numerous online payment options (online bank, debit/credit card, billing etc.)
When you're buying Trainify.fi training time straight from the Trainify.fi service, your training time activates right after making the payment. You can start training right away!
You can also purchase Trainify.fi training time in the form of a code that you can activate when you wish. A Trainify.fi code can be bought when you sign up for a Hygienepassport.fi hygiene passport test or for an Alcoholpassport.fi alcohol profiency test. A code can also be purchased separately from Hygienepassport.fi, Alcoholpassport.fi or Worksafetycard.fi web stores. You can choose a 3,7 or 14 day training time. The code is usable for a year from the purchase date. Businesses can also order codes with billing through the Trainify.fi customer service: info@harjoittele.fi.
Order training time through e-mail from the Trainify.fi customer service, info@harjoittele.fi. In your order, tell how many people you want the training time for, for how long and for what work life card. To speed up the order processing, also send your business' billing information.
Good to hear that you want the Trainify.fi service to be used by your organization! Trainify.fi is also possible to be ordered with longer licenses. To order, get in contact with the Trainify.fi customer service through e-mail: info@harjoittele.fi
In the Trainify.fi service you're able to train for the hygiene passport test, the alcohol proficiency test and prepare for the work safety training in either Finnish or English. In addition to this, you can practise for the hygiene passport test in Arabic.
Trainify.fi training time is active in one working life card at a time. Choose the working life card you want to practise for before making the payment.
Check that your device and browser are up to date. Unfortunately Trainify.fi doesn't necessarily work flawlessly on all the older versions of browsers, operating systems or devices. You can test if the service works on your device with the first practise time which is free.
If you have received a code for the activation of the training time, type your code in the field that is reserved for it after signing in. For new users, we offer a free training time after which it is possible to input the code. Check that you type the code identically as it was sent to you. Be aware of capital and lower case letters. The code does not include spaces or periods. If needed, get in contact with our customer service, info@harjoittele.fi or 0400 809 009 (weekdays 10–13). 
When you order and pay for training time at Hygienepassport.fi / Alcoholpassport.fi / Worksafetycard.fi online store, you'll get the training time code as a separate e-mail. If you did not receive your code: Did you return to the online store after making the payment? For the payment to register, after purchasing the training time you should be brought back to the service. If you have closed your browser or moved to another web site after paying before you have been returned the service, your purchase hasn't registered and the system can't send you the code. Our customer service can send you another code in this case to activate the training time. If necessary, be in contact with our customer service, info@harjoittele.fi or 0400 809 009 (weekdays 10–13).
The training time is active from the moment the purchase is made and for the duration that it was bought for. If your training time should still be active but it doesn't show after logging in, check the following things. Firstly: Did you log in with your prior username or did you create a new one? The purchased training time is only available for the user that it was purchased for. Use the same log in information Secondly: Have you made the purchase and are you now on the right work life card page? Check the site's top to ensure that you're on the right page. If the training time is registered for the incorrect work life card, get in touch with our customer service and they can change it. 
Any more questions? Trainify.fi customer service is happy to help. Get in contact with our customer serivce, info@harjoittele.fi or 0400 809 009 (weekdays 10–13).