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Occupational Safety Card

Test your skills and brush up your knowledge in occupational safety

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What is Trainify.fi?

Trainify.fi service is a training site that allows users to prepare for passport tests required in work. The purpose of the service is to offer an easy, fun and teaching option for training for the ones preparing for a test. Hundreds of different questions can be answered by categories or by doing the whole test. After answering the user gets a reason for the answer. The training can be done anywhere at any time. The service is provided by Osaamistehdas Oy.

Occupational safety card

Occupational safety card is a certificate of one’s proficiency of occupational safety in common workplaces. Occupational safety card system heads to better cooperation of companies’ employees and supports familiarization in common workplaces. System gives a basic knowledge of work safety, decreases overlapping training, gets employees interested and motivated to work safety and decreases occupational accidents and dangerous situations in workplaces.

Occupational safety card is valid for five years. Occupational safety card system is regulated by The Centre for Occupational Safety, TTK, who also has a record of completed occupational safety cards.

Occupational safety card training and test

To complete an occupational safety card it’s required to participate an eight-hour-training which includes an occupational safety card test. Training includes the basics of dangers of working environment and work safety in workplace. In to occupational safety card training can also be included sectoral work safety issues.

Get ready for an occupational safety card test by familiarizing yourself to the occupational safety subfields and by practicing for the test on Trainify.fi service.

Information about occupational safety card